Product Description

 plastic toys molding injection

1. ODM/OEM for plastic products. The production we make include household products and industrial products.

2. Plastic Products Processing manufacturer. We offer the 100% surface treatment service on plastic and metal products.                                    

3. Precise Mold Making.  We are specialized in making multiple mould according to the requirement of customers. 


More Advantages

  1. Machines: Different type injection machines and measuring instrument like vertical injection machines, two dimension measuring instrument.
  2. Professional team: experienced designers, strict QCs, skilled mould makers.
  3. Competitive price, high quality products, various color&type parts, prompt delivery, excellent after-sale service.

Product Info

Price 1.2
Unit Pcs
Minorder 1
Supplyability 5000/M
Payment T/T
Port Dongguan
Place China
Packaging 1.Transparent packing 2. Gift packing 3. Set packing 4. Waterproof packing 5. Water vapour packing 6. Rustproof packing 7. Mouldproof packing 8. Insect-resistant packing etc.

Product Detail

 plastic toys molding injection


1.Transparent packing  2. Gift packing  3. Set packing  4. Waterproof packing 5. Water vapour packing  6. Rustproof packing  7. Mouldproof packing  8. Insect-resistant packing  etc.

  Payment Terms


     Lead Time

After payment received, one week for sample order about  & 30-45 days for bulk order.


OEM/ODM is available,can print your logo on the product or on the packing box, new packing box can be also customized.

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